Is Your Blog Lucky or Unlucky?

by harry on June 6, 2013

How is your blog doing? How is your blogging business doing? Have you landed that one big client?

Could you use a little luck?

To make a Lucky Strike, you have to go bowling!!
To get a Lucky Strike, you have to bowl

Richard Wiseman, a PhD psychologist, wrote his book The Luck Factor. He studied 400 exceptionally “lucky” and “unlucky” people. He discovered those considered “lucky” tended to show similar attitudes and behaviors. The “unlucky” tended to show opposite traits.

Dr. Wiseman identified 4 principles that characterized the lucky from the unlucky. Would you like to guess?

  1. Lucky people tend to maximized chance opportunities by being adept at creating, noticing, and acting upon them as they arise.
  2. Lucky people tend to be very effective at listening to their intuition and do things that boost their intuitive abilities.
  3. Lucky people tend to expect to be lucky, creating a series of self-fulfilling prophecies. They go into the world anticipating a positive outcome.
  4. Lucky people tend to have attitude that allows them to turn bad luck into good luck. They do not allow ill fortune to overwhelm them and move quickly to take control when things are not going well for them.

Dr. Wiseman performed an experiment that speaks to the perception of a lucky and unlucky person. He set up a café with a group of actors that were told to behave the way normal people did in that setting. He put a $10 bill on the sidewalk just outside the café. He asked one of his “lucky” participants to go down to the café.

The lucky person saw the money on the ground, picked it up, walked into the café and ordered a coffee for himself and the stranger in the next set. The participant and the stranger most often struck up a conversation and wound up exchanging contact information.

Next, Dr. Wiseman asked one of his “unlucky” participant to the café. The unlucky person did not see the money, bought coffee, and did not interact with anyone.

Later, Dr. Wiseman asked both participants if anything lucky happened that day. The lucky person talked about finding the money and making a new contact. The unlucky person could not thing of anything.

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Six Ways to Make Money Online

by harry on June 3, 2013

There are 6 ways to make money online that you can use by blogging.  You could use these by themselves or in combination.  One may stand out more depending on what you want sell or blog about.

Ready?  Focus on this one word as you think about how you might apply one of these way to earn money online:  VALUE.  If you are not offering value, your reader will pass.

Blog Cloud
Donations – Without doubt the easiest.  Build audience and readership.   Ask for a donation using one of the two ways below.

  1. Amazon and others have wish list.  So you can put a wish list from amazon on your site and suggest your reader buy something that is on your wish list.  Don’t undervalue and  put everything that you want on there.
  2. Money – David Taylor daily q&a “buy me a cup of coffee” via pay pal.

Subscription Revenue –  Pay to be premium member or just a member.  Be part of what you are doing.  This could be for anything that offers value to your reader.

Contextual Ads – Ads that blend with content.  Google offer target text ads as do others.   

  1. Good thing about it is that it is easy to implement.  Instant gratification; instant cash.
  2. Bad thing about it is that you have no control over the ad that may be about your competitors.  One click and your visitor is gone from your site.

Affiliate marketing.  In addition to putting ads on your site, put affiliate ads on your site and make even more money.  You affiliates could be ClickBank, Host Gator, or Aweber.  Who are you affiliated with?  What products do you like?

Direct Ad Sales – This is the most lucrative and the most difficult.  You need a large readership with lots of traffic to pull this off.   This is other people asking you to put their ads on your website.

Selling a product – Selling your product –  What are selling or making?  Is it bird houses, jewelry or what ever.

Again, my purpose is to introduce you to the 6 ways to make money online.  Blogging about your online business  does fits each one of these.  See my other post for more details on each of these ways to Blog For Cash.  But for now, I hope this overview helps you put things in perspective.

Click the link below and let me help you express your expertise or passion using Empower Network Blogging Platform.


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